Indo-Aryan im/e-migration: Horse argument

Sat Mar 21 14:59:52 UTC 1998

RE: Indo-Aryan im/e-migration: Horse argument

On Fri, 20 Mar 1998, N. Ganesan wrote:
> Horses increase dramtically after 1000 BC. Let me explain:
> 1) Take North Indian sculptures in Sanchi, etc.,
> 2) Evidence from classical Tamil sangam works. Critically,
> they are dated to 200 BC to 200 AD.
> So from Vedic times (1200 BC? or 1000 BC?), horses in India
> increase a lot.

*Apart from Hastinapur, Pirac, Stacul and one or two other places, what
*references do you have for horses in the North in the *pre*-Mauryan period
*(say, 1500-500 BCE) that would suggest that the horse increases
*dramatically during this period (this is info I am still trying to fine
*tune for my research)? I am presently under the impression that it is
*quite sparse (but can easily check with Meadow's if you don't know)
*despite the fact that the horse-centered Indo-Aryans were very much
*present during this period.  [...]

I do not know the archaeological record. What I wrote is
from art history & literature perspective. I thought I
made this clear. AND, I posted a questio regarding archaeological
record in my original posting:
*Has systematic study of the horse finds vs. century BC/AD
*is conducted? (something like this)

N. Ganesan

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