Indo-Aryan migration vs Indigenous origin - scholarly debate

George Thompson thompson at JLC.NET
Tue Mar 17 13:15:11 UTC 1998

Dear Charles Poncet, and the List in general,

Please, take another look at the subject heading of this thread: we're
supposed to be talking about a *migration theory*. If you keep on insisting
on an *invasion theory*, where there is none, you will find yourself with
no one to talk to [besides the long-dead ghosts of the past].

As for Frawley, Feuerstein and Kak, their books are like your posts: on the
one hand, they begin with the assumption that western scholarship is driven
by colonialism and therefore unquestionably wrong; on the other, they
assume that the Aryan presence in India goes way back in time, beyond the
Indus Valley Civilization, into some hoary pre-history which no one is
familiar with but themselves.

Their books, just like your posts, assert many things, many wild things,
and prove, argue, demonstrate nothing. I have found their books a waste of
time. If you want me to read your posts and discuss ideas with you, please
offer me *reasons* to do so. Argue with me, show me evidence, point out my
illogical resaonings, etc.

But if all you are going to do on this thread is to ask for my apologies
for a view which I do not hold, and ignore my efforts to discuss the matter
in a reasonable [and even a scholarly] manner, then I won't trouble you
with any more responses to your posts.

Best wishes,

George Thompson

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