North Dravidian

Wed Mar 11 14:18:56 UTC 1998

                North Dravidian languages: Recent Discoveries?

Are there any North Dravidian languages discovered, say within the last
two or three decades? Apart from Brahui, Malto and Kurukh.

The reason I am asking this is because several new unlettered
Dravidian languages have been found in South & Central Dravidian language
families. What is the latest count on Dravidian languages? 23 ? or 25?

In Abhidhaana ChintaamaNi published in 1930 talks of a
Dravidian language called "timal" north of Bengal and east of Nepal.
Is this true? If so, any description of that language.

Father Xavier Thaninayagam in one of his books says he has heard
from an English (or Russian?) Professor that in Afghanistan
there are about 1000 families speaking a Dravidian language.
I read this in Dr. N. Sanjivi's Araayccik kaTTuraikaL, vol. 1;
Is this true?

I can post exact sentences from Abhidhanna ChintaamaNi and
Fr. Thaninayagam's words if needed.

N. Ganesan

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