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The new critical edition of the BRhaddevatA is now available for
distribution. Since the publisher is not known outside Japan, I
would like to give an account of this publication on Indology for
those who are interested in the exegetical literature of the Rgveda.

The BRhaddevatA, Text Reconstructed from the Manuscripts of the
Shorter Recension with Introduction, Explanatory Notes, and Indices.
December 1997.

Editor: Muneo Tokunaga, Professor of Indian Philosophy, Graduate
School of Letters, Kyoto University

Size: B5, Fine Cloth Hard Cover, Total 456 pages

Price: 14,300 Japanese Yen (and postage).

Rinsen Book Company
8 Tanaka-shimoyanagi-cho,
Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-city
Japan 606-8204

Tel: Japan 075-721-7111 (phone personnell only understands Japanese)
Free dial: Japan 0120-396166
Fax: Japan 075-781-6168 (Fax order recommended)
ISBN: 4-653-03481-8

Table of Contents:

   Relationship with the MahAbhArata
   Meters (both Slokas and TriSTubh-JagatI verses)
   Textual History
   The Rgveda Khilas in the BRhaddevatA (description of all the
     related passages with special attention to the Kashmir Khila
   New Manuscripts (found in India, including two of the shorter

Text with detailed Critical Apparatus
   Adhyaayas I -- VIII

Explanatory Notes with Special Reference to the Legends
   Adhyaayas I -- VIII

  (Explanatory Notes contain analysis of all the legends in the
  BRhaddevatA, as well as parallel and related passages in
  Skandasvaamin's commentary on the Rgveda, Durga's commentary on the
  Nirukta, Skandasvaamin-Maheshvara's commentary on the Nirukta, and

Index of Vedic PratIkas (including those of the longer version)

Index of Words and Names in the BRhaddevaTA (exhaustive index
  including those of the longer version; grammatically analyzed
  and arranged)



                              Muneo Tokunaga, Kyoto, Japan


                                   Muneo TOKUNAGA
                           Professor of Indian Philosophy
                    Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University
                      Kyoto, Japan (606-01) Tel: 075-753-2778
                          email: mtokunag at bun.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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