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Tue Jun 16 18:51:52 UTC 1998

If anyone would be interested in subscribing to, and participating in, a new
list, devoted to Indo-Iranian linguistics i.e. Vedic and Avestan phonology,
morphology, syntax and text linguistics, etc. I would be willing to set it
up and look after it.

I personally, as an (apprentice) Indo-Iranist and Vedicist have always felt
that such a list is missing. If anyone else feels the same, I would be happy
to fill the gap.

Daniel Baum
msdbaum at
Home Page
Tel: ++972-2-583-6634; Mob. ++972-51-972-829

Yes! I'd like to participate in such a list devoted to I.I. linguistics. A month ago, I defended my Ph.D. thesis on an authorship analysis (The Bhasa Problem). To reach my conclusions, I applied a model of Generative Grammar, based on amongst others Chomsky 1985. I used this model to establish coincidence between metrical and syntactical, which yielded a range of figures and patterns with the help of which I tried to tackle the authorship problem. However, as already a not too developed model of G.G. was sufficient, many problems remained. And now I'd like to have a closer look at specific Sanskrit problems regarding Deep and Surface Structure models. Unfortunately I hardly find anything in this direction on the present list.

So, if you set up a linguistic list, I'll join your wing.

Dr. A.A.E. van der Geer (Sandra)
Boerhaavelaan 98
2334 ET Leiden
The Netherlands
e-mail: info at
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