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Mon Jun 15 23:21:38 UTC 1998

At 02:43 PM 6/15/98 PDT, you wrote:
>In the ritual for changing the yajnopavIta, the sacred thread is spread
>across the knees, from the beginning Acamana to the actual mantra
>recited at the time of wearing the thread (yajnopavItam paramam pavitram
>etc.). When reciting this mantra, it is removed from around the knees,
>and held vertical between the two palms, right palm upward. The thread
>is worn over the left shoulder at the close of this mantra. I'm not sure
>if any dharma/gRhya sUtra text/commentary talks about it, or if it is
>just one of those many ritual actions that one is supposed to do, with
>no textual reference for it.

        The significance of placing the Yagna UpavIta across
        the knees temporarily is a ritual of a different
        nature. It does not however cause any changes in the
        body system. The function of the YOga PaTTa is
        entirely different. It has an esoteric as well as
        exoteric significances. It is neither an adornment,
        nor a just a mere limb/posture supportive sling.
        It has its specific purposes.
        I will get back to you with whatever can be divulged;-)



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