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Mon Jun 15 21:43:18 UTC 1998

In the ritual for changing the yajnopavIta, the sacred thread is spread
across the knees, from the beginning Acamana to the actual mantra
recited at the time of wearing the thread (yajnopavItam paramam pavitram
etc.). When reciting this mantra, it is removed from around the knees,
and held vertical between the two palms, right palm upward. The thread
is worn over the left shoulder at the close of this mantra. I'm not sure
if any dharma/gRhya sUtra text/commentary talks about it, or if it is
just one of those many ritual actions that one is supposed to do, with
no textual reference for it.


Michael Rabe <mrabe at ARTIC.EDU> wrote:

>Dear Vidyasankar:
>Thank you for this information, certainly relevant, and prompting me to
>if there are any published commentaries on this ritual you mention.
>>Note that in the annual upAkarma rituals (usually in the month of
>>SrAvaNa), the new yajnopavIta is also first wrapped around the knees
>>the manner of the yoga-paTTa, before being worn over the shoulder.
>>may be other mantric associations with the manner of using the

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