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Tue Jun 16 02:41:55 UTC 1998

Dear Rolf,
        Amazingly, here I'd overlooked that example all these years.  And
I'll check the text of 547 next time I'm at the library, together with the
PTS dictionary...much thanks.

>Probably you can check the Jataka 547: Vessantara
>is also sitting before his hut and wearing thuch a
>thing. It is also shown in Sanchi. Vessantara, the
>king, who gave all away, also his 2 childs and
>finally his wife. Then Indra appeared and he got
>all back. In the PTS-dictionary there you may find
>sv paTTa the term AyogapaTTa.
>Check please Coomarasvami, Bulletin of Madras
>museum, s. v.: He seems to mention the term.
>roheko at
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