Truth and method in Indology, III

Sun Jun 7 14:47:00 UTC 1998

On Sun, 31 May 1998, Vidyasankar Sundaresan wrote:

> - the assumption that if somebody has not been
trained in the West, he/she is not worth being listened to.

I am happy and proud I could spend a considerable amount of my research time in
Pune. There I was not just engaged in collecting material, but I had many
refreshing and stimulating scholarly encounters. Pune University (with Dep of
Sanskrit and Prakrit, and CASS) is one of the places where I could advise
advanced (M.A./PhD) students in Sanskrit studies to spend some time.

Are there any other places with comparably high academic standards for Sanskrit
studies in India (other list members will perhaps be interested in the same
with regard to Tamil, Kannada, Hindi studies)?

Best wishes, JH

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