The south Asian bombs

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 And unbelievable as it may seem, a
>substantial portion (or all) of the newest Indian and Pakistani bombs is
>due to domestic expertise, and in spite of Western opposition, not due
>to any great assistance. This might be a bizarre thing to be proud of,
>but such is international politics.

According to international news agencies, the Indians had a certain amount
of assistance from Russian experts in the field. The Pakistanis got a lot of
assistance from China. Both countries have used the usual intelligence
techniques for extracting relevant information and material from the West.
Neither Pakistan nor India built their bombs from scratch. But this is not
to say that they couldn't have done so if necessary. It would just have
taken more time, and more money.

However, this is not an Indological theme, and I realise that I am drifting
off into a discussion that belongs elsewhere. So I'll stop here.

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