The south Asian bombs

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jun 2 22:37:37 UTC 1998

I was hoping that we would not be getting into all this bomb thing, but
now that the action has been initiated, I suppose we should carry the
chain reaction forwards:-)

>".........But what amazed me was the almost total absence of any
>antinuclear protest, like we've seen in France. Such demonstrations can
count as kind of a slight rehabilitation. But they didn't happen in
mother Bharat.....">>

Er, you mean you didn't notice all those photographs by activists in
nava dEhalI nagara protesting about " No food, No clothes, No jobs, but
we have a bomb!" mean you didn't read about the attention given by
the NY Times given to the remarks of "Mr Palaniappan Chidambaram, a
Harvard educated lawyer"...hmmmmmm!!!!!

Please remember that the validity of Newton's third law: Reaction
equalling action...If the protests in France were louder, the government
reaction was also more brutal...One of the "Greenpeace" boats was simply
sunk by the French secret service in the 80s when they tried to protest
nuclear tests by the French...

<<Just like you won't find a lot of concern for environmental pollution,
gay rights, deforestation, animal welfare etc in most developing
nations.  All these issues seem to belong in societies who 'have got it
all' and can spare that extra time, effort and cash to be 'aware'. >>

 Boy, I'm begining to discover that India is reallllly an *unknown
country*:-) mean you've never heard of Sunder Lal Bahuguna and his
*ChipkO* movement to prevent deforestation in the Garhwal district of
UP( This, when he went on to win international awards and what have you)
or the activities of the poet-professor B.Raj Rao regarding gay
people... additionally, please remember that the reason why such a
hulla-baloo is made about gay rights in the West is because Christianity
prohibits sexual relations between men, Hinduism does not, AFAIK...why
,even staunch Hindus like the late K.M.Munshi have written about the
*affection and love* that existed between sudAma and kr*SNa when they
were students together...such a thing in Christianity would have earned
him the rebuke of the Pope, while a similar thing in ISlam would have
been met by a fatwa....

<< ".......Gandhi must be turning and tossing in his grave!>>

Hmmmmm, why this sudden importance to Gandhiji and his thoughts?.. The
same Gandhi wrote letters to different people protesting against the
setting up of Israel in Palestine and would have wept bucketfuls upon
hearing of napalm attacks in Vietnam...why this sudden resurgence in
Gandhivaada now?

<<It isn't difficult to use the Bhagavad Gita to rationalize anything.

idam ka:/kA uvAca? Seems to me that there are lots of Barbara Crossette
fans lurking here...if this is true i.e. everything is justifiable using
the BhG, I wonder why Bal Gangadhar Tilak called
his interpretation of the gItA "The Gita Rahasya"...or are there so many
rahasyas hidden in the BhG that are known in Indological institutes but
are not known to ordinary Hindus?


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