The south Asian bombs

Sn. Subrahmanya sns at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Jun 2 22:46:18 UTC 1998

At 07:03 PM 6/2/98 +0200, Erik Hoogcarspel wrote:
>...I wonder if the popularity of the RAmAyana and Bhagavad GItA are
>causing this blindness. ...............
>.............. My suggestion would be therefore
>to look at the question: 'in what way and to what extend does Indian
>mythology influence Indian economics and politics?'
Hundreds of books have been written on this most important subject
...ask someone in the Vatican library to get you a list.

Sure....satanic mythology is the cause of all this "blindness"
and evil influence on Indian politicians and people.
On the day of judgement, these heathen will answer for their sins.

Since the world began in 4004BC(November?),
the world should have ended after 6000 years i.e in 1995 or 1996
(depending on whethar you want to count the year zero in or not).

God is probably running a little late -
maybe He is using the Indians to quickly fulfill what has been predicted.

Anyway, your spin was pretty convincing, some even fell for it. :)


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