The south Asian bombs

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> The subcontinent's nuclear Siva has just winked.

Indologists also study civilizations. Here is one more step. When the
USA atomic bomb was put together, the scientists (intellectuals?) went
out with an open appeal fearing nuclear annihilation of mankind
(civilization--sic) as they then knew it. This did not stop the
accumulation of third-eyes and sops offered such as CTBT and NNPT.

There is the larger issue of sharing world's wealth, governed by
principles such as 'comparative advantage'. We have seen how the
export of oil could be held as a tactic of blackmail. Japan supports
its nuclear power development (depending on nuclear energy for about
70% of its total energy supply, as does France) purely on grounds of
'energy security'. The message to the defense expert is clear: power
flows from the barrel of the gun and perceived power status flows for
e.g. from technology to break or fuse nucleii (perhaps something else
may crop up in the future, from the physics or biology research labs.)

Academics tend to ponder on these issues faced with the reality of two
cultures: the 'literate' and the 'folk'. I am sure e.g. an Indian in a
Bihar village worrying about his next day's meal does not understand
the geopolitic; perhaps, he has a vague feeling that the pral.aya is
fast nearing and maybe, a S'iva has to reincarnate to hold keep the
whole world tottering on the brink, unless of course, something
remarkable happens and all the n. weapons just wither away. He feels a
sense of power; afterall, all is not lost. Human frailty will just
muddle through. He may not even know that the Americans have a saying,
'there ain't no free lunch these days.'


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