help for a four year Sanskrit Course

Royce Wiles Royce.Wiles at ANU.EDU.AU
Wed Jul 29 22:12:13 UTC 1998

Studying Sanskrit in Britain will cost several thousand pounds per year 
in overseas student fees and living expenses will also be rather high 
(I'm not sure about costs in Europe) if the scholarship is generous this 
may not be a problem.

No one so far has recommended a place in India, the course at the 
University of Poona under the directorship of Prof. (Mrs) Saroja Bhate 
would have to be one of the best, if not the best option. They have quite 
a number of overseas students and some courses are even aimed especially 
at overseas students. Pune has a pleasant climate (well summmer can be a 
little warm but the nights are cool).

The courses are flexible and there are lots of friendly students, the 
immersion in Sanskrit is even helped along by Sanskrit-speaking days 
every now and then. It is possible to branch out into such areas as 
philosophy, grammar, kavya, Pali, Prakrits etc. A degree from there in 
Sanskrit would certainly place your student well for future study also, 
I'd suggest you write for a course prospectus to:

Prof. Saroja Bhate
Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages
University of Poona
Pune, Maharashtra

Unfortunately I don't have Prof. Bhate�s email address with me at the 
moment but if you email me in a day or so I should have found it by then.

Royce Wiles
Asian History Centre
Faculty of Asian Studies
Australian National University

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