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John Smith jds10 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Thu Jul 30 09:06:54 UTC 1998

On Thu, 30 Jul 1998, Royce Wiles wrote:

> No one so far has recommended a place in India, the course at the 
> University of Poona under the directorship of Prof. (Mrs) Saroja Bhate 
> would have to be one of the best, if not the best option. They have quite 
> a number of overseas students and some courses are even aimed especially 
> at overseas students. Pune has a pleasant climate (well summmer can be a 
> little warm but the nights are cool).
> The courses are flexible and there are lots of friendly students, the 
> immersion in Sanskrit is even helped along by Sanskrit-speaking days 
> every now and then. It is possible to branch out into such areas as 
> philosophy, grammar, kavya, Pali, Prakrits etc. A degree from there in 
> Sanskrit would certainly place your student well for future study also, 
> I'd suggest you write for a course prospectus to:
> Prof. Saroja Bhate
> Department of Sanskrit and Prakrit Languages
> University of Poona
> Ganeshkhind
> Pune, Maharashtra
> Unfortunately I don't have Prof. BhateÕs email address with me at the 
> moment but if you email me in a day or so I should have found it by then.
> Royce Wiles
> Asian History Centre
> Faculty of Asian Studies
> Australian National University

I don't have direct personal knowlege of the content of the courses in
Pune, but in general terms I would strongly endorse what Royce has said:
it has certainly got to be an option worth checking out. 

Prof. Bhate's email address is saroja at

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