Experience with GlobalWriter 95/98?

J. Daniel White jdwhite at EMAIL.UNCC.EDU
Tue Jul 28 15:39:26 UTC 1998


Today I received a notice for a word processing CD ROM which includes in its
scripts, among other world languages, most of the fifteen "major" languages
of India (north and south) AND Sanskrit.  The product, GlobalWriter 98
(professional), is available from Unitype [http://www.unitype.com] at
$49.99.  Does anyone have experience with this program?  If so, does the
Sanskrit program contain all the euphonic combinations, that is, those not
found in Hindi but only in Sanskrit--a problem with some other programs I
have seen?

Three years ago, I talked in Pune with CDAC about adding Sanskrit to their
fine Indic word processing programs.  Does anyone know if they have done
this and, if so, how good is it and what is the price now?

Dan White

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