Converting Devanagari

Martin Gansten mgansten at SBBS.SE
Tue Jul 28 08:02:55 UTC 1998


The name of the TTF to go with your version of Devawin is different from the
one I bought some years ago. But if it is indeed the same font, you can
switch the diacritic function on and off (provided Devawin is up and
running) by pressing <Alt + ;>. (Depending on your keyboard, it may not
actually be the <;> key, but the <,> or some other; you'll have to
experiment with this.) Once the diacritic function is on, you get diacritics
by using the same <;> key -- that is, ;a gives aa, etc.

Once you have typed the transliterated word, sentence, etc, you cut it, run
Devawin (by <Alt+F5>), paste it, and convert it to the Devanagari font.

Best regards,
Martin Gansten

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