Experience with GlobalWriter 95/98?

John Smith jds10 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Wed Jul 29 10:03:18 UTC 1998

On Tue, 28 Jul 1998, J. Daniel White wrote:

> ...
> Three years ago, I talked in Pune with CDAC about adding Sanskrit to their
> fine Indic word processing programs.  Does anyone know if they have done
> this and, if so, how good is it and what is the price now?

I'm not entirely clear what you would require that isn't already available
in the CDAC products: a good Nagari typeface with very acceptable
conjuncts. Apart from Vedic accents, the only thing missing from the
original DOS word-processor (ALP) is vocalic "l", which seems to have been
missed out by mistake (long vocalic "r" is included). I've printed lots of
Sanskrit out this way, and it looks very nice. I haven't acquired a copy
of the new Windows program (LEAP), so can't report on it: I hope to buy a
copy while I'm in Pune in August, and I'll try and remember to post any
observations I have on it.

John Smith

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