Velthuis' Devanagari 1.5 for TeX on Macintosh

John Smith jds10 at CUS.CAM.AC.UK
Sun Jul 26 15:57:21 UTC 1998

I have been interested to read the various messages that have appeared on
this topic, as I am now the maintainer of the Velthuis preprocessor. It
appears as though peace has been restored and there is nothing in
particular for me to do on this occasion; however, I'm glad to know that
there are people actively helping to keep the Macintosh version
functioning properly, and in particular to have the name of a user (Kengo
Harimoto) who is in a position to compile new versions for the Mac.

I am also interested to know that Mani Varadarajan has written a Perl
version of the program. Though it may well not tally with the current
version in various ways, and though it will inevitably be slower than the
original C program, I should be very interested to see it. Could you
email me a copy please, Mani?

John Smith

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