Velthuis' Devanagari 1.5 for TeX on Macintosh

Elliot Stern emstern at NNI.COM
Fri Jul 24 19:01:09 UTC 1998

I would like to thank Mani Varadarajan, and Kengo Harimoto for your replies
on the Indology list, I am a newcomer to TeX and LaTeX, but with a little
help from you and others, I may yet become a passable user. I have now
produced reasonable preview output from the problem file, and would like to
rest my case for the while.

Mani, I was lucky that I chose to avoid all TABs and other such formats
available in the wordprocessing package, when I did the original input
about eight years ago. Most of the problems seem to have involved invisible
remains of the original keystrokes for Maharshi font.

Kengo, I have for the moment given up on using the Wikner Sanskrit package,
as I have not yet succeeded in getting the Macintosh Sanskrit preprocessor
I have and the current version of the package to work together

Thank you.

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