INDOLOGY Digest - 22 Jul 1998 to 23 Jul 1998

Kengo Harimoto kharimot at SAS.UPENN.EDU
Fri Jul 24 05:12:21 UTC 1998

Dear Dr. Stern,

Elliot Stern <emstern at NNI.COM> writes:

> I hope that someone more experienced in the use of these software
> components can offfer some advice. I suspect that part of the problem may
> be that the Devanagari preprocessor for Macintosh is out of date for use
> with DevanAgarI 1.5. If that is the case, is anyone working on an update of
> this preprocessor? Also, is it possible that my text only, Velthuis scheme
> encoded, LaTeX document has hidden formats or other hidden illegal
> characters carried over from the Nisus document that are causing some of
> the problems?

Although I have not used OzTeX, Velthuis' Devanagari package, and my
computer as a Mac for a long time, the problem could be in 1) the
process of converting the document from Nisus document to LaTeX source
file, 2) in the preprocessor.

WRT 1): How did you convert the Nisus file to LaTeX source?

WRT 2): If I remember correctly, the older preprocessor was not
compatible with the current package.  If I still have a copy of
CodeWarrior on my hard drive, I will try to compile the source on my

I might suggest using Sanskrit package instead if the document
contains no Hindi since the Sanskrit package has more options suited
for Sanskrit texts.  I think there is a Mac build of the preprocessor
for the Sanskrit package.

On the side note, I have been wondering if anyone on the list is
capable of converting C sources of Devanagari/Sanskrit preprocessor to
perl script.  Since perl has been ported to almost every platform and
its scripts requires no compiling, and it is designed to handle text
files, it seems to me that having the preprocessor in perl scripts is
better.  Modifying a C source code is a hassle for a non-programmer
like me...


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