"I love you" (in Sanskrit, Tamil, etc.)

Sun Jul 12 19:09:44 UTC 1998

>There are many Sanskrit love poems in which the feeling 'there is no
duality >between you and me' is expressed.  I will give you a few examples
if you >absolutely need them.  Otherwise, let us both save time.

Professor Aklujkar,

If I did not want to find out, I would not have asked...

So please do find a little time to answer,
since you have now given a short hint.

I don't believe Indology should be restricted to VIM or VVIM
("Very Very Important Matters"),
like discussions on etymology,
early datings or case grammar.

To find out whether certain idioms
are or are not pan-indian is also revealing
for those who come from other linguistic spheres.

In the case of Tamil, the ultimate goal
of "grammatical" studies is to be able to master
the "poruL" section (poetical matters),
where "akam" is probably the most interesting part.

[See the king's reaction in the _kaLaviyal_ [Stolen Love]
commentary when his messengers are not able to find a scholar
who has mastered the "poruL atikAram";
 (He says: ezuttum collum yAppum ArAyvatu
   poruLatikArattin2 poruTTu an2RE?
   "Is it not for the sake of poruLatikAram
   that one studies ezuttu [letters], col [words]
   and yAppu [metrics]?"]

Moreover, the arguments based on same-ness [tamil vERRumai]
vs. one-ness [tamil oRRumai]
are frequent in grammatical commentaries, and I wondered
whether the love reasoning resembled the scholastic
reasoning in Sanskrit (as it does in Tamil).

Thanks for your attention.


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