"I love you" (in Sanskrit, Tamil, etc.)

Ashok Aklujkar aklujkar at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Sun Jul 12 07:31:15 UTC 1998

At 17:48 +0000 04-07-98, Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD wrote:
>while reading one KuRaL distich that contains
the love utterance <<vERu allam>>  "we are not distinct",
I had the feeling that a possible unsophisticated translation
(for a 20th century reader ...)
might be "I love you". I don't think the lover should be
made into a philosopher saying "there is no duality
between you and me!".
So the question is:
are there similar ways of expressing love feelings
 in sanskrit literature?<

There are many Sanskrit love poems in which the feeling 'there is no duality between you and me' is expressed.  I will give you a few examples if you absolutely need them.  Otherwise, let us both save time.

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