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Sun Jul 12 11:29:53 UTC 1998

ashok aklujkar wrote:
>In translating verse 214 of Vidyakara's Subhaa.sita-ratna-ko;sa (ed. by
>D.D. Kosambi and V.V. Gokhale; Harvard Or. Ser.), D.H.H. Ingalls uses
>'pancake' for  parpa.ta of the original
>To me, it seems that   parpa.ta is Skt for  pappa.dam, commonly served in
>Indian restaurants and south Indian homes.

        Welcome to this new pancake, well-described by the comparison with
the moon!
        Mayrhover (KEWA) confirm the link with praakr. pappa.da-(ga)- and
many other, like hindii paapar, &c. But he give nothing about etymology,
except a link with Ved. parphariikaa where PTS Pali-English Dictionary, sv.
papa.tikaa, is quoted (but the semantical link seems dubious and the
Sayana's or Yaska's commentary about parphariikaa is very far from the
        Why not parpa 'wheel-chair for cripples'? Or (MW) parpariika 'sun'?

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