many pancakes

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Please have a look to Edgerton's BHSD sv the word
you ask for.
illa is in Prakrit the same as ika
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>Rolf Heiner Koch wrote:
>>see DezIn. 6.117 = a sweat cake or so
>What Dezinaamamaala 6.117 with commentary
actually has is: ma.m.dillo
>apuupa.h/  (For this Pischel/Ramanujaswami have
in the glossary is "a small
>round cake [f(rom) ma.m.dila]" No justification
is given for this
>understanding. But in any case, while I suspect
this is related, it is not
>the same form.)
>Then, Dominique Thillaud wrote:
>>>         Jonathan Silk suggests maNDaka and the
(diminutive?) maNDIlaka.
>>> This last word is given by MW: m. 'a kind of
cake' (diyAv.) (hidden after
>>> maNDa). Interesting. Made with cream (maNDa)?
or shaped like the war-disk
>>> (maNDala)? In both cases the idea of a
rotation is possible (manth- for the
>>> cream and for the poor head of Namuci).
>And Avinash Sathaye added:
>>My  book also has a recipe for maNDaka (termed
maa.nDe in Marathi) and it is
>>like a very thin
>>and crisp version of roTii. It is to be roasted
on the BOTTOM part of a clay
>>pot (sort of like
>>the Crepes) but it uses a thick kneaded dough,
rather than  batter! The word
>>probably refers to
>>the shape, the professional versions are indeed
as big as 1.5 feet in
>>(They just use a big
>>skillet and not a clay pot though!)
>These still do not solve my essential problem. MW
cites exactly the passage
>I am trying to illucidate, so he definition is
useless to me. I have
>assumed that ma.n.diilaka is indeed some sort of
diminutive, and that it is
>probably some sort of round cake, but what I
would really like to find is
>whether the word appears anywhere else at all.
No help in that department?
>Jonathan SILK
> at

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