Term -mistri

Jo Kirkpatrick jkirk at MICRON.NET
Fri Feb 27 16:49:32 UTC 1998

Thanks to both Royce Wiles, who sent me the post below, and S. Krishna,
who said on the List that the word derives from English and cites a
source. Apparently source is not entirely definitive, although I'd be
tempted to give priority to the Dictionary entry.

Joanna Kirkpatrick
Royce.Wiles at anu.edu.au wrote:
> Full citation:
> The Oxford Hindi-English dictionary / edited by R. S. McGregor. Oxford :
> OUP, 1997.
> mistrI appears on p. 814, column b, fifth word down
> The full entry is brief, no indication of source or dates in this dictionary:
> mistrI [Portuguese mestre], m. a skilled tradesman; mechanic --
> mistarI-khAnA m. workshop
> Glad to be of help.

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