Availability of 3 books

Sreenivas Paruchuri sreeni at KTPSP2.UNI-PADERBORN.DE
Fri Feb 27 13:00:01 UTC 1998


apologies in advance for posting a personal query!

Could someone please tell me about the availability of following
three titles in India (and/or eventually elsewhere), preferably as

Krishna Chaitanya: Sanskrit Poetics-A critical and comparative Study
Friedhelm Hardy:   Viraha Bhakti (OUP, 1980) and
N.R. Acharya: Subhaashita_ratna_bhaanDaara (NSP, 1978)

What about _Hist. of Sanskrit Poetics_ by P.V.Kane and S.K.De (2 separate
books!)? Or, are there any better works than the aforementioned ones in the
past ~20 years?

Thanks in advance!

Regards,                --Sreenivas

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