The Lost Years of Jesus

Mary Storm umadevi at SFO.COM
Mon Feb 23 01:13:53 UTC 1998

Dave and Celia Mason wrote:
> >Mary Storm wrote:
> >
> >There are an awful lot of people in the world claiming descent from the
> >lost tribe! This theory is in conflict with the Mormon mythology which
> >also claims a lost tribe descent, as well as a belief that Jesus was
> >teaching in South America after the Resurrection. But maybe Jesus spent
> >the post-Resurrection years in a kind of bi-continental commute.

> Not necessarily in conflict with Mormon mythology.  The Mormons don't claim
> that the American people Jesus visited have "lost tribe" status.  They also
> explicitly teach that America was only one stop on a kind of "world tour"
> for Jesus, and that we don't yet have any record of where else he hung out.
> So why not Kashmir?

Hi Dave,
We are getting a little far afield here, but as far as I can tell, The
Book of Mormon (which is similar in style to The Old Testament in King
James translation) does indeed purport to detail the history of a tribe
of Israel that migrated from Jerusalem to the New World in about 600
BCE, they were led by the prophet Lehi. Once they arrived in the New
World they migrated and split into 2 groups: the virtuous Nephites and
the sinful Lamanites.

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