the Lost Years of Jesus

Yaroslav V. Vassilkov yavass at YAVASS.USR.PU.RU
Sun Feb 22 12:19:24 UTC 1998

Dear colleagues,
        does anybody know more or less definitely what was the Roerichs'
role in spreading "Jesus in India" fairy-tale? I have only some vague
information that Nikolas Roerich (the father) visited Hemis and "confirmed
the authencity" of the "Notovich manuscript". How could he do it we may only
guess because, as far as I can judge on the basis on his writings, he did
not know Tibetan or any Indian languages. I do hope that his son
George (Yuri) Roerich, who was a serious and really high-class scholar,
had nothing in common with it. But I would like to have this suggestion
        The answer probably is to be found in Groenbold's book, but it may
prove to be very difficult to consult it while staying in Russia.
        Thanks in advance
                                        Yaroslav V.Vassilkov

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