the Lost Years of Jesus

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Sun Feb 22 15:44:33 UTC 1998

>Dear colleagues,
>        does anybody know more or less definitely what was the Roerichs'
>role in spreading "Jesus in India" fairy-tale?

( Tchto Vy ! konietchna nielizia eto znats ). How would that be possible to
more or less definitely "... N. Roerich, an extraordinary man, was a
painter deeply attracted to India and Tibet from both political and
"spiritual "
reasons. I don't think he did perform _a role_ in spreading that
assumption of Jesus'  "passage to India". On the other hand, assuming that
Christ was
a Jew and that his teaching was radically different from the
tradition he came from, except for the monotheism, it's not impossible
that part of his teaching could have been drawn from Hinduism, whose sages
seem to
had been around the Mediterranean areas since at least
Alexander's time. He may have done a trip to India...

I have only some vague
>information that Nikolas Roerich (the father) visited Hemis and "confirmed
>the authencity" of the "Notovich manuscript".


How could he do it we may only
>guess because, as far as I can judge on the basis on his writings, he did
>not know Tibetan or any Indian languages.

N. Roerich did know Tibetan, not to the extend as his son did, of course,
for he was not an schollar in stricto sensu. But he knew for sure much
more about the soul of that region than you and me.

I do hope that his son
>George (Yuri) Roerich, who was a serious and really high-class scholar,
>had nothing in common with it. But I would like to have this suggestion

You do hope ?

>        The answer probably is to be found in Groenbold's book, but it may
>prove to be very difficult to consult it while staying in Russia.
>        Thanks in advance
>                                        Yaroslav V.Vassilkov
>                                        St.Petersburg
Oh don't worry. If I find one copy here I send it to you.

Jesualdo Correia

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