The Lost Years of Jesus

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>> Any references to debunking of this nonsense?  Many thanks in advance!
>The "classic" for this form of the "Jesus-was-in-India"-theory is
>Nicolas Notovitch's book: La vie inconnue de Jesus-Christ. Paris
>1894. At that time this book aroused a great upstir in Europe,
>it was very often reprinted and was translated in other European
>languages as well. During a travel through Ladakh, Notovitch
>allegedly found an old Tibetan book in the monastery of Hemis
>which was translated from a Pali (!) original. A short time after
>the publication Max Mueller wrote an article where all this is
>clearly unmasked as a forgery.
>You'll find a critical assessment in a book of Guenter Groenbold
>who is an indologist and tibetologist (and known as a serious
>        Groenbold, Guenter:
>        Jesus in Indien : Das Ende einer Legende. -- Muenchen :
>        Koesel, 1985. -- 152 pp.

The following book may be of interest here:

Roman Heiligenthal, "Der verfälschte Jesus. Ein Kritik moderner
Jesusbilder", Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1977.

It adresses such questions as : Did Jesus live in India? Did he survive the
crucifixion? Was he the first feminist?

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