The Lost Years of Jesus

Mary Storm umadevi at SFO.COM
Sun Feb 22 19:39:50 UTC 1998

Amos Nevo wrote:

> Dear Ms. Storm,
> Many years ago, some Muslim students in Jammu gave me a book to read,
> called "Jesus in Heaven on Earth". Unfortunately I don't have the exact
> reference.
> It is a common belief among the mmuslims of pakistan and afganistan (
> and also among the Ahmadies living in Israel) that:
> 1. All Patans and other tribes, are the descendants of the 10 lost
> tribes of Israel.
> 2. jesus, after his resurrection, spent the rest of his life in Kashmir
> and the rest of the Northern region.
> 3. moses, who is called Kaka, also visited kashmir, and they have a
> stone there, called "The Kaka Stone", which they believe has some
> cnnection to Moses.
> How scientific this is, remains to everyone's judjment.
> Amos Nevo
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Mr Nevo,

Many thanks for such interesting info.

There are an awful lot of people in the world claiming descent from the
lost tribe! This theory is in conflict with the Mormon mythology which
also claims a lost tribe descent, as well as a belief that Jesus was
teaching in South America after the Resurrection. But maybe Jesus spent
the post-Resurrection years in a kind of bi-continental commute.

"The Kaka Stone" sounds like some kind of relic? This is sort of
reminiscent of medieval  saints who had bits and pieces of themselves
all over the Christian world. There were probably enough pieces of the
"True Cross" to build a museum to house all the shrouds, swaddling
clothes and bits of  Jesus' Crown of Thorns which pinpointed the
pilgrimage routes.

Scientific proof is irrelevant and unnecessary, and even threatening,
when one is operating on faith.
Best Regards,

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