Hindi-Urdu echo-nouns in v

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A few more examples of these wonderful expressions (quoted from Kavita Kumar,
Hindi for non-Hindi speaking people, Calcutta etc., 1994, p. 255-56):
ro.tii-vo.tii,  kaafii-vaafii. She also gives the following echo's:
ta.rak-bha.rak, aamne-saamne, bhii.r-bhaa.r, hallaa-gullaa.

To speed up things for you I quote from Anvita Abbi, o.c., p. 23:

naam-vaam, dil-vil, .khuun-vuun, phal-val, aasaan-vaasaan,
tho.raa-vo.raa, tej-vej, dekhnaa-vekhnaa, ghiisnaa-viisnaa, chuunaa-vuunaa,
gaanaa-vaanaa, traas-vraas, pyaas-vyaas, ha/snaa-va/snaa, pe.m.t-ve.m.t,
bhai.m-vai.ms, udhaar-vudhaar, aam-vaam, ainak-vainak, uun-vuun
With loss of initial v: vardaan-ardaan, vika.t-uka.t, vaayu-aayu.
Without v: gholnaa-olnaa, .tuu.tnaa-uu.tnaa, somvaar-omvaar.

Some more: kaam-vaam, mez-vez;
.dhiilii-.dhaalii, dhuum-dhaam, saj-dhaj;
pa.rhnaa-a.rhnaa, baccaa-accaa; .thiik-.thaak.

I recall forms like minister-winister, dance-wance in writers as
Rushdie and Deshpande. But there are many, many more. Actually, I believe
you can make echo-words yourself if you should want so.

>Dear members of the list,
>I would be grateful for references to descriptions of doubled nouns in
>Hindi-Urdu of the following type:
>First noun: is an ordinary noun
>Second noun: is a nonsense word that begins with v (or m) and rhymes with
>the first noun
>caae vaae, 'tea, etc.'
>saRak maRak, 'roads and highways, etc.'
>--If anyone would care to send further examples I would be very happy.
>--I am aware of Anvita Abbi's work on reduplicated words in South Asian
>languages, but it has not reached us yet.
>My apologies for cross-postings.
>With best wishes,
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