Hindi-Urdu echo-nouns in v

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Thu Feb 19 00:39:43 UTC 1998

Dear Ruth,

In Gurudatt's novel Vishvaas (Bhaaratii Saahity Sadan, New Delhi:1970) one
character says to another in conversation (I can't locate the exact spot)
"koii baccaa-vaccaa hogaa".

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>Dear members of the list,
>I would be grateful for references to descriptions of doubled nouns in
>Hindi-Urdu of the following type:
>First noun: is an ordinary noun
>Second noun: is a nonsense word that begins with v (or m) and rhymes with
>the first noun
>caae vaae, 'tea, etc.'
>saRak maRak, 'roads and highways, etc.'
>--If anyone would care to send further examples I would be very happy.
>--I am aware of Anvita Abbi's work on reduplicated words in South Asian
>languages, but it has not reached us yet.
>My apologies for cross-postings.
>With best wishes,
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