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Dear List,

I beg your pardon in advance for writing to you with a query that has
little to do with the Indology list. I am a classicist with a special
interest in Roman religion, and have only just begun studying Sanskrit. In
beginning my studies, however, I purchased books originally published by
Oxford University Press, but now reprinted in India. These books were
surprisingly affordable in comparison with the prices OUP charges for
reprints of classical texts in Greek and Latin.

Inasmuch as OUP publishes in India, it occurred to me that perhaps Oxford
licenses versions of its classical offerings for the Indian market, and
that the prices of Greek and Latin texts printed in India might prove
similarly affordable. As it is, I borrow most texts from the library,
because Oxford's prices are so high. A recent commentary on Livy, for
example, costs US$145. (By way of comparison, according to Books in Print,
Oxford's version of Monier Williams' Sanskrit-English Dictionary costs
US$125, the Indian version US$55.) In short, I am curious to know whether
Oxford publishes less expensive versions of its classical offerings in

Again, my apologies for the intrusion, and many thanks in advance for any

Sincerely yours,

Hans-Friedrich Mueller

P.S. Please reply off list:  hmueller at mailer.fsu.edu

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