Oxford University Press in India

Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Wed Feb 11 22:51:57 UTC 1998

Dear Dr. Mueller,

Would that it were so.  I have never seen OUP eds. of the Greek and Latin
classics on sale in India (except perhaps secondhand), much less special
versions for the Indian market.  Unfortunately there is practically no interest
or study of the Western Classics in India, except perhaps in Christian
colleges for the sake of studying the Greek New Testament and church
history and theology.  But I suspect that this also is greatly reduced

So separate eds. for the South Asian market would scarcely be worth
OUP's while, and they might find their way back to the West to undermine
its full-cost market there.

However, this raises an interesting historical question.  Has any research
been done on the study of Greek and Latin in colonial and post-colonial
South Asia?  They must have been taught at a great many schools and
colleges in India for the sake of the ICS examinations, but I have seen
nothing about the subject.

Allen Thrasher

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