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>See New Catalogus Catalogorum / Raghavan et al. under
>(9.321), "Naasiketopaakhyaana" (10.110) and especially
>"Naaciketopaakhyaana" (10.23-24), where a romanized edition and Italian
>translation in the Giornale dellla Soc. Asiatica Italiana 1902-4 is
>referred to.
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I am grateful for the reference.
Actually, Catalogus Catalogorum was my main source for the information
about MSS dealing with Naciketas.
I am looking now for the source of the story in these MSS, where
Naciketas is born out of his mother's nose. Most MSS claim that the
source is Brahmanda Purana. If anyone knows of a text of Brahmanda
Purana that includes the Naciketa Katha (NAsiketopAkhyAna), I shall be
most grateful for the information.
Thanks in advance.

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