SV: creation of human kind

Aditya, the ]-[indu $kepti¢ a018967t at BC.SEFLIN.ORG
Fri Dec 25 20:30:52 UTC 1998

On 23 Dec 98,  Ashish Chandra wrote:

> Anyone wants to respond to this ? This dating has been done using the
> position of the stars and planets as described in the Mahabharata of Rshi
> Ved Vyas.

Something like Nostradamus text and a recent book that claims all kind of
historical events based by codes imagined by the author. You can interpret
it to mean anything you want. As far I can see Mahabharat was written a
fictional account which may have accidentally used some place names and
events as a crutch to the story line. The style of the story and its narration
in the first person is one of the clues that is was a book of fiction where the
author wanted to impress the listeners.

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