SV: creation of human kind

Das Devaraj das at NETCOM.COM
Fri Dec 25 19:03:07 UTC 1998

> >1) there's no place for him in the universe
> Of course, if He is transcendental, He could go undetected.

Of course, God could be a "She" - then everybody looking
for a "He" will not find God!  God could be even be
"it" (oh, horrors).

Looking at all the dares to prove the negative and other
interesting(?) assertions made in this thread, reminded me
of that all time science fiction favorite (sorry not indology
related) Flatland by Edwin Abbot.  This classic book is very
small (less than 100 pages) and is in its 70+ printing(?). This
book attempts to explain in the form of a story, what is
"knowable" and what is "not knowable" to a thinking layperson.

> If I randomly change the statements of a
> computer program repeated in the course of time, what are the odds I'll get
> a better, more ingenious program with additional useful features?

If by "random" you imply haphazard or deliberately jumbled up with
an aim to foul things up, then the answer is NO. Otherwise the
answer is (surprisingly) YES!  Just check "Genetic programming"
or "Emergent Behavior."

> >5) the concept of God is logically impossible

Thought Brahman was God (with a capital G), at least as far as
Hinduism was concerned.  There are of course other gods (with
small letter "g") like Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma etc.  In Hinduism
one can even have one's own personal god!  Wonder whether people
are getting god and God mixed up, when reading various scriptures.


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