Tiger skin on "Siva's waist

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Dec 27 00:14:45 UTC 1998

  Is tantrasaara a Kashmir 'Saivaite text?

  N. Ganesan

> 1.There is one reference of TANTRASAARA, which quotes :
>          'Vyaaghra-tvak-paridhaana.m Niilaka.n.tha.m Bhaje'
>          'I pay homage to Niikala.n.tha or 'Siva, who wears
waist-dress of
> the
>  skin/fur of tiger'.

>  3.There is a different reference of KAALIKAA-PURAA.NA, chapter 43,
>  presents the beauty of 'siva during His ceremony of marriage and
>  :
>          'vicitra-vasana.m vyaaghra-k.rttiraasiittadaa'...

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