Tiger skin on "Siva's waist

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N. Ganesan wrote:
> Dear Indology members,
> What are the occurences of Tiger skin/fur as
> a waist dress for 'Siva Mahadeva?
> Does Lord 'Siva wear this, according to Samskrit
> texts? What about Sri Rudram, Matsya, Kuurma
> and Skanda puraaNams?
> Any quotes are highly appreciated.
> Have a great 1999, the last year of the century.
> With warm regards,
> N. Ganesan
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Dear N. Ganesan,

1.There is one reference of TANTRASAARA, which quotes :
        'Vyaaghra-tvak-paridhaana.m Niilaka.n.tha.m Bhaje'
        'I pay homage to Niikala.n.tha or 'Siva, who wears waist-dress of the
skin/fur of tiger'.
Here 'Vyaaghra-tvak-paridhaana' means 'a paridhaana = a lower garment of
the skin/fur tiger'.
There are four words for waist-dress : Antariiya, upasa.mvyaana,
paridhaana and adho.m'suka (see Amarako'sa, 2.6.117 :
2.There is another reference of TANTRSAARA, which quotes :
        'dhyaayennitya.m mahe'sa.m vyaaghra-k.rtti-vasana.m'
        'One should regularly meditate on Mahe'sa or 'Siva, who wears a cloth
or a long cloth of the skin/fur of tiger'.
Here 'vyaaghra-k.rtti-vasana' means 'a cloth or long cloth of the
skin/fur of tiger'.
There are six words for only cloth : vastra, aacchaadana, vaasa, caila,
vasana and a.m'suka (see Amarako'sa, 2.6.115 : 'vastramaacchaadana.m
vaasa's caila.m vasanma.m'sukam') This is the diference.
3.There is a different reference of KAALIKAA-PURAA.NA, chapter 43, which
presents the beauty of 'siva during His ceremony of marriage and quotes
        'vicitra-vasana.m vyaaghra-k.rttiraasiittadaa'.....
Best regards and a Happy New Year'.

Madan Mohan Agrawal

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