Tiger skin on "Siva's waist

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> 1.There is one reference of TANTRASAARA, which quotes :
>          'Vyaaghra-tvak-paridhaana.m Niilaka.n.tha.m Bhaje'
>          'I pay homage to Niikala.n.tha or 'Siva, who wears waist-dress of
> the
>  skin/fur of tiger'.

>  3.There is a different reference of KAALIKAA-PURAA.NA, chapter 43, which
>  presents the beauty of 'siva during His ceremony of marriage and quotes
>  :
>          'vicitra-vasana.m vyaaghra-k.rttiraasiittadaa'...

What are the accepted dates for these texts? The invocatory verse of
kalittokai, a late CT text has ziva wearing tiger's skin and dancing after
destroying tripura. Even if the invocatory verse is considered to be later
than the main text, clearly the zaivite texts have innumerable references to
ziva wearing tiger's skin.

Interestingly, cilappatikAram portrays koRRavai wearing tiger's skin in
vETTuvavari. This text is not later than 5th century AD.

S. Palaniappan

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