Sanskrit translations in Nazi hands

N. Ganesan naga_ganesan at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 24 14:26:23 UTC 1998

 There was never a process of
cleaning in the Indology in after Nazis times and therefore it is one
reason for the unscholarity methode which is still dominating the
after-Nazi German Indology.

  Hope some scholars take up the task of the study of how
  Sanskrit played in the Nazi hands. Was surprised to find
  that the grand historian of religion, Mircea Eliade had some
  Nazi connections.

  German universities can institute some Dravidian studies
  endowments, Professorships to give the necessary correction
  to understand the complex interplay of Dravidian and
  Aryan cultures over the last 4 millennia. Overstudy
  of Sanskrit does not help.

  As an indirect result of the West's interest (they have their
  own reasons to study it), misrepresentations
  of Sanskrit abound in India. Other literatures, cultures,
  their study are languishing and are in dire need of support.

  With kind regards,
  N. Ganesan

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