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This is very interesting. Could you give us some examples of how Alsdorf manipulates the texts?

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Emne:   Re: Sanskrit translations in Nazi hands

At the Nazi times it were the German Indology which delivered all the
material about blood etc to the Nazis. There was never a process of
cleaning in the Indology in after Nazis times and therefore it is one
reason for the unscholarity methode which is still dominating the
after-Nazi German Indology.  Check for example only one publication of
ALSDORF very carefully and believe nothing, check the manuscripts and
compare it with the texts as given by ALSDORF: you will be surprised. I
have checked nearly all publications of ALSDORF, they may be ignored all
together:  the Studies on the Uttarajjhayana, The Kumarapalapratibodha,
The Agadadatta-story, or, another wonderful example: The translation of
the Prakrit Kokasa-tale. Be again very carefully in the publications of
METTE etc.(pupil of ALSDORF, as BRUHN - as far as I know).
The actual German Indology is not possible to understand without the
Nazitime. The very low standard has to be explained with a very strong
view on the Nazitime.

N. Ganesan wrote:

> In the USENET news groups (cf. searches of,
> there are thousands of postings where Nazis used
> translations from Sanskrit (Vedas, Bhagavad Giithaa, etc.,)
> to take blood oaths, etc.,
> Are there academic scrutiny of this Nazi usage of Sanskrit
> materials? Any references?
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> N. Ganesan
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