Indian children born abroad -- some (more) clarifications

Partha Banerjee partha at CAPITAL.NET
Sun Dec 20 18:32:27 UTC 1998

This is in response to Sumedh Mungee's (SM) another usual
personally-acrimonious post. I am responding with as much restraint as
possible and I thank Indology for the opportunity to respond.


>Partha Banerjee writes:
>> My feeling is that theoretical discussions with no relevance to
>> praxis are almost meaningless.
(SM)>So is communism, and the other extreme left-wing thought that is
>advocated in your book, your posts on this mailing list, and in
>general on the Usenet.

Have you read my book already? Thank you. Please quote some lines from my
book where you found it to be extreme left-wing. Thanks again.

I have not said anything about communism in my post. If Indology wants, we
can start discussing about communism here. Otherwise, not.

Normally, right-wingers refuse to read Marx, Engels, Gramsci, Derrida, et
al. They only talk against them without knowing much (other than what they
are fed with by their "scholarly" leaders).
(SM)>With all due respect, I don't know which world you are living in - but
>in mine, we have already learnt that communism and other left-wing
>nightmares are one of the few sure-fire ways to comprehensive social,
>political and economic failures.

Again, I haven't said anything in my post about communism. So, I don't know
where this verbiage is coming from.
(SM)>Mr. Banerjee, please stop these theoretical discussions with no
>relevance to praxis - out of these come extremist biased leftist
>hatred for respected religous organizations like the RSS and VHP. And
>don't give me the "I spent 15 years in RSS hence I know better than
>you." You are obviously old enough to know that mere age means nothing
>- wisdom is everything.

RSS and VHP are ANYTHING but "respected religious organizations." They are
exclusionary, hate-mongering, and fascist sociopolitical bodies. RSS, VHP,
Jana Sangh, BJP, Hindu Mahasabha, Shiv Sena, and their sibling and
offspring organizations have time and time again been held responsible for
*numerous* communal riots in India since RSS' inception in 1925 where they
have been indicted of killing people and destroying their property.

Yes, my book indeed talks about some of this violence.

As I said before, RSS and VHP people want immigrant Indians to believe that
they are naive, "respected religous organizations" that have nothing to do
with politics. We have challenged RSS and VHP people of USA and Europe
before to face the truth and admit to people that they are indeed political
organizations and are linked with hate activities in India. They haven't
accepted our challenge so far.

(SM)>Stop slinging mud on RSS and VHP. Why don't you make your own
>institution based on communism, atheism or whatever it is that you are
>advocating ? If your system is indeed that effective, people will
>desert the RSS and VHP en masse, and your system will thrive on it's
>own merit.

I am neither a communist nor an atheist, therefore, I don't know what SM is
up to here.

(SM)>Lastly, regarding the topic of "Indian children born abroad", I think
>that the topic itself is perhaps a little biased. I think the topic
>should instead be "American children with Indian parents", or
>something along those lines. :-)


This above paragraph tells me that SM is neither sensitive to issues
pertaining to Indian children born abroad nor he understands their cultural
identity problems.

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