Indian children born abroad -- some (more) clarifications

Sumedh Mungee sumedh at CS.WUSTL.EDU
Sun Dec 20 19:22:21 UTC 1998

Partha Banerjee <partha at CAPITAL.NET> writes:

> (SM)>So is communism, and the other extreme left-wing thought that is
> >advocated in your book, your posts on this mailing list, and in
> >general on the Usenet.
> ___
> Have you read my book already? Thank you. Please quote some lines from my
> book where you found it to be extreme left-wing. Thanks again.

As I mentioned already (in response to one of your repeated
self-advertisements of your book), I haven't read your book - and I
probably never will - but this is the information age.

If you need references, here is a URL of all your posts on USENET:

In it, there are about four HUNDRED articles from you that do nothing
but monger hate against a variety of organizations, including the RSS
and VHP.

I have no wish to engage you in a discussion regarding your
"philosophies". The only philosophy you sem to have exhibited in your
posts is "spread hatred about everything right-wing". That philosophy
merits no discussion.


> Normally, right-wingers refuse to read Marx, Engels, Gramsci,
> Derrida, et al. They only talk against them without knowing much
> (other than what they are fed with by their "scholarly" leaders).

Been there, done that. And no - it didn't take us 15 years to realize
what it means. Is it a coincidence that you are Bengali, and one of
the only states in India to vote for communist parties is West Bengal?
I visited Calcutta lately, and I was shocked to see it's state - the
red colored buildings, the utter poverty, and trams that move slower
than I can walk, merely because no one has the power to dismantle them
out of fear for the "labor" organizations. I also visited Russia
lately. Thanks, I have made my conclusions on this issue.

Once upon a time you were a RSS member. 15 years later you made a
complete volte face, and have dedicated your life to hate-mongering
about it. Who knows, 15 years from now, you will start hate-mongering
about the dead left-wing stuff you so passionately advocate now. I
think I'll just wait it out. :-)


> (SM)>Mr. Banerjee, please stop these theoretical discussions with no
> >relevance to praxis - out of these come extremist biased leftist
> >hatred for respected religous organizations like the RSS and VHP. And
> >don't give me the "I spent 15 years in RSS hence I know better than
> >you." You are obviously old enough to know that mere age means nothing
> >- wisdom is everything.
> ___
> RSS and VHP are ANYTHING but "respected religious organizations." They are
> exclusionary, hate-mongering, and fascist sociopolitical bodies. RSS, VHP,
> Jana Sangh, BJP, Hindu Mahasabha, Shiv Sena, and their sibling and
> offspring organizations have time and time again been held responsible for
> *numerous* communal riots in India since RSS' inception in 1925 where they
> have been indicted of killing people and destroying their property.

I am very sad to say this, but the only thing that is hate-mongering
in all of this is you, Mr. Banerjee - for the past several years, you
seem to have dedicated your life to mongering hate about these
organizations. You seem to have little to contribute in the positive

As I mentioned earlier, if you think these organizations are so evil,
why don't you channel your energy in the positive direction and start
a "good social organization"? After all your presumptious statements
about almost everything to do with Indian society,  it seems like you
would be able to compete with them effectively, right ? :-)

> Yes, my book indeed talks about some of this violence.

Oh I'm sure it does. It must wax eloquently about the evils of
Hinduism. Do you have any references to the repeated genocides of the
Hindu people over the centuries ? Oh I forgot. That was just another
rumor started by the RSS, and millions of Hindus are just too stupid
to know otherwise. You are the only intelligent person around that
knows that the RSS is the root cause of everything that has gone wrong
with India.

Why don't you talk about what you would like to do, rather than just
sling mud on other people ? Is that what Marx taught you ? Is that
what the collapse of every left-wing political/religious organization
has taught you ? To send four HUNDRED hate-mongering posts on USENET,
many more on other mailing lists, and now to start the same thing on a
respected list like Indology ?

> As I said before, RSS and VHP people want immigrant Indians to
> believe that they are naive, "respected religous organizations" that
> have nothing to do with politics. We have challenged RSS and VHP
> people of USA and Europe before to face the truth and admit to
> people that they are indeed political organizations and are linked
> with hate activities in India. They haven't accepted our challenge
> so far.

Probably, they are too busy doing "real work"? Where is the temple
your left-wing cronies built ?  Please let me know the address, and I
will surely visit it. Oh you don't have one ? Okay, I think I'll stick
to the VHP temple, thanks. Do let us know when your temple is ready,

> This above paragraph tells me that SM is neither sensitive to issues
> pertaining to Indian children born abroad nor he understands their cultural
> identity problems.

Have you even considered the fact that I might be one of them ? :-)



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