SV: "Conceptional Purging of Indology"

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Wed Dec 9 17:46:50 UTC 1998

Srinivas Tilak wrote:
>     In his preface to volume IX of The Study of Indian History and
> Culture, entitled "Dharma and Vedic Foundations," general editor
> S.D.Kulkarni refers to an article "Conceptional Purging of Indology" by
> Y.S.Yerkuntwar, a renowned traditional Indologist and scholar from
> Nagpur. The article appeared in the June and August, 1975 issues of
> Hindutva, a journal published from Varanasi.
>      If any member of Indology list is familiar with this article I
> would request him/her to put the essence of Yerkuntwar's arguments on
> the Indology list so that academics can have a debate on how
> a traditional rationalist and scholar perceived Indology; what according
> to him, needs to be purged from Indology as it generally understood by
> scholars etc.

I second this motion, and I would be very grateful to anyone who could tell me
where these issues of the Hindutva journal can be found. A reference to a
library would enable me to order a copy through the University library service
here in Oslo.

Best regards,

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