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J. Daniel White jdwhite at EMAIL.UNCC.EDU
Wed Dec 9 21:14:41 UTC 1998


I have begun a project of several years duration which will result in two
monographs:  (1)  An English translation of the EKALINGAMAHATMYAM (using
Prem Lata Sharma's and other editions) and (2)  a study of the Eklingji
mandir:  its art, architecture, and ritual life, including its intimate
relationship to the royal family of Mewar this with the cooperation of
Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar, the former Maharana of Mewar. Apart from Tod,
Sharma and others who include some descriptive material in their studies of
Mewar and/or Rajasthan, I have yet to find anyone who has done any serious
work on either EKALINGAMAHATMYAM or Eklingji.  I would be grateful if anyone
on the list could suggest additional materials that they may have
encountered on either.  I am looking also for copies of a related Sanskrit
text, DAINIK-KRIYA, which G. N. Sharma notes on page 63 of his BIBLIOGRAPHY
OF MEDIAEVAL RAJASTHAN as a ritual text associated with Eklingji.

Please feel free to email me directly at jdwhite at email.uncc.edu.   I shall
be away in India and U. K. December 24--January 14 searching and will put my
INDOLOGY subscription on hold during that time, so anything before or after
those dates will be appreciated.


Dan White

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