"Conceptional Purging of Indology"

Shrinivas Tilak shrinivast at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Dec 9 16:28:19 UTC 1998

    In his preface to volume IX of The Study of Indian History and
Culture, entitled "Dharma and Vedic Foundations," general editor
S.D.Kulkarni refers to an article "Conceptional Purging of Indology" by
Y.S.Yerkuntwar, a renowned traditional Indologist and scholar from
Nagpur. The article appeared in the June and August, 1975 issues of
Hindutva, a journal published from Varanasi.
     If any member of Indology list is familiar with this article I
would request him/her to put the essence of Yerkuntwar's arguments on
the Indology list so that academics can have a debate on how
a traditional rationalist and scholar perceived Indology; what according
to him, needs to be purged from Indology as it generally understood by
scholars etc.
     I understand that Mr Yerkuntwar was editor of a Marathi trimonthly
"Prajnalok" and died about two years ago.

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