Klaus Karttunen Kjkarttu at ELO.HELSINKI.FI
Wed Dec 9 15:52:14 UTC 1998

A few more references in addition to those given by A. Karp:

Reynolds, Notes on the T'hags, JRAS 4, 1837, 200-213.

I. Sahai, The crime of Thagi and its suppression under Lord W. C.
Bentinck, Indian Culture 3, 1936-37, 147-152, 319-327, 455-463.

J. Shakespear, Observations regarding Badheks and T'hegs, Asiatic
Researches 13, 1820, 282-292.

Of Taylor's book there should be an edition with introduction and
glossary by W. Stewart. Oxford 1916.

A. J. Wightman, No friendsw for Travellers. London 1959 (cf. JRAS
1960, 84).



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